Frequently Asked Questions

How much would my case cost me? +

Every case is different and unique. There is never an exact amount that can be said nor arranged. Our firm strives to settle cases as quickly as possible to avoid overcharging clients.

What is the best way to set up my business? +

We will arrange for you to meet with one of our expert attorneys and decide which type of entity is right for your business. Once that is determined, we will register you with the Secretary of State of California, obtain an Employment Identification Number, and draft all appropriate documents needed.

Does my contract cover my attorney's cost in case of a legal dispute? +

If you have obtained a generic contract online, there is a significant chance that there was no attorney fee clause in there. To have your attorney’s cost covered in case of a dispute, you must have a written attorney fee clause in your contract.

How long will my case take? +

Depending on the issue at hand, it can take as little as weeks to even years. Every case is different and takes a different approach to win or settle.

What are my rights as a tenant? +

A tenant has the right to a habitable home, privacy, and fair housing rights. A tenant has the right to exercise “repair and deduct” if the landlord fails to make repairs in a timely matter. While a tenant has the right to exercise their right to “repair and deduct,” we do not recommend them doing so. It is best to get legal action.

Should my partner and I have a separate attorney in setting up our business agreement? +

It is best to have a separate attorney when forming a partnership agreement.

What are the initial steps in a lawsuit? +

It is essential to settle an issue before filing a lawsuit. In most cases, one side initiates an arbitration or mediation. If neither party agrees to settle, then a lawsuit is filed.

What is a Clouded Title? +

The Clouded Title is any encumbrance that impairs the title. You may be able to remove a Clouded Title by going through a quiet title action.

Can I go after the Real Estate agent and collect compensation for damages? +

Yes, although one must prove that the damage done was intentional or if the agent was aware and neglected to mention it.

Should I use a CAR form to draft my lease agreement or have one drawn for me? +

CAR forms are general contracts that are used by agents. If you have an agent to lease your property, they are most likely to use a CAR form. CAR form has all CA laws covered, but if you wish to have a sold lease with additional clauses, it is best to have one draft specifically for you.

Can I evict a problematic tenant that does not follow the building rules and regulation? +

If a tenant is not complying with the rules and is a nuisance to neighbors, you can take action to evict them. First, you would need to give them a warning to comply before taking eviction action. The notice is “3 Day Notice to Cure Violation(s) or Move Out.”

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