LA County Eviction Protection: What It Means

LA County Eviction Protection: What It Means

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, LA County has extended eviction protections for tenants to the end of the year. There’s no doubt this can be confusing for tenants. At Shamtob Law, we can help you understand what this means. Learn more about the LA County eviction protection below.

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What You Need To Know

The LA County eviction protection extension for pandemic-impacted tenants has been reinstated until the end of the year. Under these rules, protection against renters remains in place from April 1, 2022 until at least 2023. This includes protection against “no-fault” evictions and renters who fail to pay their rent.

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How Does This Affect the Tenant?

The eviction protection rules mean that landlords cannot evict low-income tenants that have been impacted financially by COVID-19. These rules also include barring “no-fault” evictions for tenants that have done nothing wrong. Under this protection, landlords cannot evict or remove tenants to conduct renovations or take the unit off the market. If you are experiencing a landlord-tenant dispute regarding any of these matters, you can call Shamtob Law to speak to one of our law experts for help.

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What Happens Next?

The new changes will begin to gradually shift in phases. Starting on June 1st, this protection will only apply to renters that earn below 80% of the area’s median income. So tenants wishing to claim this protection after this date will need to self-certify that they meet these income requirements. We know new laws can be confusing. That’s why we recommend contacting a legal expert at Shamtob Law to fully understand how the LA County eviction protections affect you.

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What Should You Do?

Previous eviction protections were only in place for those who applied for rent relief. However, these new rules provide better protection against all tenant evictions from April 1st. This means that all county renters will be protected starting in April. However, during phase two, beginning June 1st, you will need to self-certify that you meet the income requirements if you wish to claim protection. To find out how to do this, speak to a legal expert at Shamtob Law today.

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